The Ancient of Days t-shirt

The Ancient of Days t-shirt

545379 311995574 tsrmw120 l The Ancient of Days t shirt365 t shirt buy now gray The Ancient of Days t shirtThe Ancient of Days t-shirt No.166: The Ancient of Days by William Blake is one of the most striking images of ‘the big man’ ever created. To say I was mesmerized by it’s beauty whilst reworking this t-shirt design is an understatement. The fact Blake produced such a unique and graphically stong the piece of art in 1794 is simply astounding. For the fact fans, Ancient of Days is a name for God in Aramaic and the image represents “when he set a compass upon the face of the earth.” There, I saved you a trip to wiki!
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The original title page of ‘Europe – A Prophecy’ by William Blake william blake%2527s ancient of days The Ancient of Days t shirt

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