Tesla’s pigeon t-shirt

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Tesla’s pigeon t-shirt No.169: Tesla was a genius, a genius that was friends with pigeons… and in love with one white pigeon in particular. “Yes, I loved that pigeon, I loved her as a man loves a woman, and she loved me.” once said Nikola Tesla. Later this pigeon would come to Tesla, fly into his lab and sit on his desk. “As I looked at her I knew she wanted to tell me — she was dying. And then, as I got her message, there came a light from her eyes — powerful beams of light.” Yes,” he continued, again answering an unasked question, “it was a real light, a powerful, dazzling, blinding light, a light more intense than I had ever produced by the most powerful lamps in my laboratory.” Now no one can and surely would want to argue with the great man whose inventions heralded the way of the second industrial revolution would they! buy this t-shirt and other designs…

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