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Attack the block alien t-shirt

Attack the Block alien t-shirt

attack the block alien t shirt Attack the Block alien t shirt

365 t shirt buy now gray Attack the Block alien t shirtAttack the Block alien t-shirt No.148: Blacker than anything you’ve ever seen, just neon blue illuminated teeth indicate when these alien monsters are coming towards you. Joe Cornish’s debut film, Attack the Block, is a solid British sci-fi. Studios please give this guy more work!
Readers please check out the Adam and Joe 6music podcast and make sure you catch the film while it is still in the cinema!
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CMYK t-shirt

cmyk+tshirt CMYK t shirt365 t shirt buy now gray CMYK t shirtCMYK t-shirt No.104: You all know that CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow & Key) is the way they break down colour for printing photos in magazines. Similarly RGB (Red Green Blue) is how colour is separated on screens. But what you may not have thought about is how neither of these methods actually can show all of the colours of the natural world. The full gamut we can see includes bluer blues, redder reds, greener greens; hence why oil paintings are incredible!
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